Sweeney's shop is more than a 'local corner shop', although for those of us on the peninsula, it is indeed that.  But it's more than that because it is so well stocked, in a modern, supermarket-style layout, yet with the friendly service you expect in your local shop. And at reasonable prices, comparable to the prices you expect to pay in the large supermarkets in towns.

The shop stocks pretty much everything you need for your daily and household needs: a wide range of foodstuffs and household products  in brands you know;  frozen foods (meats, vegetables, convenience foods...);

fresh vegetables, featuring locally produced organic veg when available;  fresh meat (including the world-famed Connemara lamb in season!);  breads (including fresh Cuisine de France in season, and wonderful home-made brown breads and cakes; and a wonderful dairy section with dairy and other  chilled meat products from Ireland and also featuring the more exotic:  chorizo, Spanish tortilla, matured Parmigiano Reggiano and many other cheeses, and the like.

The shop also stocks a variety of other goods such as lightbulbs, painkillers and other over-the-counter medical/sanitary needs, bags for recycling/non-recycling, etc, etc.

Add to that:  a sweet counter; crisps and snacks; hot/fresh takeaway convenience foods; greetings cards, including cards featuring local photos by photographer Heather Greer; a well-stocked ice cream cabinet; buckets and spades and nets for the children; and lots, lots more... and in Sweeney's shop you'll find everything to meet your needs!

We describe Sweeney's off-licence stock elsewhere (click HERE), but perhaps here we'll simply say that the shop stocks a wide range of beers, spirits, soft drinks and wines to suit all pockets!

And more... Sweeney's shop can meet all your fuel needs - again, we'll describe that elsewhere - click HERE.

Of course, Sweeney's shop also houses Claddaghduff's Post Office, where you can meet all of your postal needs - and indeed can make many Bank transactions easily and conveniently as well.

The Post Office aspect of Sweeney's is one of the services that makes it more than just a shop - it's a place where people meet and chat and find out what's going on.

We've probably left lots out of this quick tour of Sweeney's shop, but believe us: we're here to help, and we'll do so with a friendly smile. If it's simply advice on the tide times for Omey Island, or some help in getting around the area... we're here to help!