Omey Island, right on our doorstep and overlooked by our bar, is one of the true jewels of Connemara and the Wild Atlantic Way. Loved by locals and visitors alike, it is a real wonder of nature.

Omey Strand itself is of great interest.  From (approx) half-tide to half-tide, it's covered by the sea, and Omey Island really IS an island, cut off from the mainland.

But for the rest of the time, the Strand is just that: a vast, wide expanse of golden sand, a place where people enjoy walking; swimming; pony-riding (can be arranged locally); wind-gliding; wind-karting; running the dog; digging for razor fish; you name it!

Omey Strand is home to the famous annual Omey Races: a half day or pony racing, when the Strand is covered with race-track, horse boxes, grandstand, stalls for food and drink, bookies, and hundreds and hundreds of spectators from all around the world.  It's a great day out. Check to learn more.

Omey Island itself is a magical place: a wonderful place for walking, swimming, and communing with nature. It has been inhabited by humans since time immemorial.  In the 700s AD, St Feichin founded an important monastery there (there was a more penitential branch on nearby High Island; and the Saint also founded other monasteries on the east coast of Ireland and in Scotland). The ruins of St Feicin's Church are still there to see. 

On the west side of the island is St Feichin's Well, a holy well which has been a place of worship and meditation since the mid-700s and maybe well before that. And there are other signs of ancient life on the island: exposed middens, ruins from the 18th century, ruined houses from more recent times, many of them restored as holiday homes...

Rabbits abound on the island, and a rich bird life, including the endangered and protected Corncrake. The plant life on the island is incredible - in spring and summer, the island is literally covered with thousands of different plant species, large and small. The Orchid on the right is just one example. In summer, the aroma from the wild Sea Thyme is wonderful. We could go on an on...

To read more about Omey, click HERE to head straight for the web page on, a really extensive website that gives all kind of information not alone on Omey, but also on the whole peninsula, and its environs.

People come from all over the world to visit this wonderful peninsula. Sweeney's is right at the heart of it. Do come and visit - you won't regret it; and you'll want to return, time and time again.