Sweeney's Strand Bar is also the hub in Claddaghduff for entertainment:  whether it's a lively night of live music and dancing, or a table quiz, or a party, or one of the many events during the summer months in the area's FESTIVAL OF THE SEA.

Young and old enjoy the wide variety of musical entertainment in Sweeney's Strand Bar.

Sometimes - by request for a party, or at New Year's Eve - it's a lively disco.  More often, though, it's live music by one or two of the musicians from the Connemara area - and sometimes it's a lively trad night of tunes and songs - a singalong for which Irish pubs are so famous.

During the summer months, expect live music in Sweeney's, every FRIDAY and SUNDAY night - and on many other nights as well.

Sweeney's is also THE place for watching the more popular sporting events, whether it's the important GAA matches (Gaelic football or hurling), key soccer or rugby, or tennis. Now...the telly isn't switched onto sport all the time; so you needn't feel you're going to be overwhelmed by football enthusiasts all the time. But...sometimes it's good to relax while you watch one of the "Pay to View only" sporting fixtures.