Sweeney's Strand Bar, of course, has an extensive variety of drinks and beverages available, for the thirsty punter. And a comfortable, friendly environment in which to enjoy them.

Sweeney's pint of Guinness is always a well-pulled one - they have plenty of experience!  And there's a range of other draught ales, lagers and cider on tap - and a range also of imported and local craft bottled beers for the discerning customer.

We might add that the price you'll pay for your pint - or for other drink of your choice - will be MUCH less than you'll pay in the towns and cities:  one of the great advantages of life in the countryside.

For those who prefer something hot and non-alcoholic, Sweeney's provides delicious fresh coffees of various types, made especially for you from fresh roasted coffee beans. And of course tea and soups.

We've already mentioned (in "SHOP") that there's an extensive off-licence, with a wide variety of wines: white, red, rosé, sparkling/champagne...

...And spirits to go...

...And packs of beers and lagers, at prices really competitive with the cheapest prices you'll pay in 'town'...

...And lots of non-alcoholic canned and bottled beverages.

And, if you miss the usual shop hours, you can always - in the best Irish rural tradition - ask in the bar, and you'll be welcomed to visit the shop and off-licence.  So you don't have to worry in the middle of your dinner-party that you'll run out:  Sweeney's is always ready to help.