Feeling peckish?

We overheard a visitor to the area telling Mary Sweeney that he runs a large restaurant and employs 14 chefs - but the SEAFOOD CHOWDER he was served in Sweeney's was the best he had ever had.  That's praise indeed!

Of course, the area is famous for its fresh fish and shellfish.
Mackerel is caught in great abundance in the seas around the peninsula, and it's smoked locally. What nicer than a meal of Smoked Mackerel Pate, served with fresh home-made bread, a fine side salad, marinated cucumber, and a slice of fresh lemon. Divine!'s a matter of choice.
Perhaps this area is most famed for its fresh crab meat, and rightly so.  Open crab meat sandwich with all the trimmings - what could taste more of the sea than that?

And much, much more besides.

As the sign says:  soups, sandwiches, paninis and wraps, desserts, you name it.

Often during the summer, you'll find fresh home-made lasagne and the like on the menu as well.

So there's no reason to go hungry!